Free Spirit

So sorry for the absence!
My Grandad died 2 weeks ago, and tbh my heart just hasn't been into blogging, or SL for that matter.
However, i just had to show you this outfit which is a new release at Severed Garden
I can't tell you how long i have wanted some arm and leg vines just like these!
and the whole outfit is color change too, in 4 different colors!  \o/

and just in case Berta see's this.....i would kill for more of these, with maybe little flowers on too hehe!

Body - Maitreya - Lara
Hands/Feet - Slink - Mid, Casual & Gesture
Skin - Glam Affair - Miko
Hair - Moon - La Vie en Rose in Naturals @ TSA
Eyes - Ikon - Immortal Eyes in Crimson
Ears - Mandala - Steking Ears
Lashes - Redgrave - Luscious

Outfit - Severed Garden - Cali
(includes 2 tops, skirt, arm & leg vines, headpiece)

Other Headpiece - Miamai - Faery Headpiece 03 Green/Gacha Common (past Arcade)
Circlet - Deviance - Erulisse (The Princess)/Gacha Rare (past FGC)
Pauldrons - May's Soul - Leaf Pauldrons in Red
Wings - Vaengi - Ragged Fairy Wings in Naturals
Mouth Berry - anc - Fried Wild Berry
Foot Jewelry - Pure Poison - Peacock/Gacha Common (past FGC)

Makeup & Tattoos
Eye Makeup - Wicked Peach - Priestess Pack 1
Manicure - Devae - Horny Nails in Seraphim
Poses - Label Motion - Paola
Location - Studio Skye


Body, Hands - Slink - Physique, Casual & Gesture
Skin - Glam Affair - Artemis/The Last Days in Jamaica 01 (Past Uber)
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Hatsuhi in Basics (Free Gift)
Eyes - Ikon - Deadshine Eyes in Quicksilver/Demonic (Free GG)

Top - Insanya - CyberNinja Sweater @ Project Limited
Skirt - Insanya - Cora Skirt @ Project Limited
Boots - Insanya - Stomper Boots @ Project Limited

Leggings - Insanya - Ripped Leggings @ Project Limited
Goggles - Chary - Hermes Goggles in Arian Steel (50L Closing Sale)
Cigarette - Kunst - Cigarette & Holder @ TLC
Rings - UtopiaH - My Captive Rings in Black (Can't find in store after re-brand)

Makeup & Tattoos
Eye Makeup - Mynvera - Eyeliner + Shadow in Plum
Tattoo - Letis Tattoo - Inermis
Bruised Hands - Clemmm - Damaged Hands
Manicure - Devae - Horny Nails in Demon

Poses - Label Motion


Body, Hands, Feet - Maitreya - Lara
Skin - Glam Affair - Sia Fairy Tales in Jamaica 04 @ C88
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Celestia in Basics @ C88
Eyes - Ikon - Deadshine Eyes in Quicksilver/Arid (Free GG)

Corset - Enfant Terrible - Ems in Bordeaux @ We <3 RP
Shoes - - Cora Heels in Cherry @ C88
Fur - Junbug - Fur Stole in Ink/Past Gacha Common
Panties - Maitreya - Lara Lingerie (Free with Maitreya Lara)

Stockings - Zaara - Chanchal Lengerie in Onyx (Free with Maitreya Lara)

Eye Makeup - Damned - Tribal Makeup

Poses - Label Motion


Happy new year everyone!
So yes, i've been a bit awol lately.  Been so busy over Christmas and New year.
Plus i've gone back to playing Aion which has taken up most of my time hehe
When i have logged in to SL, i've been having massive issues since the Catalyst driver update..grrrr!
Rolled it back but it seems to have permanently F'd up my pc!
Never again am i buying another ATI card
and this is the reason i am going to be posting Photoshopped pics for a while, after swearing i never would.
I can't seem to take a pic in game and in a nice place without crashing, so i'm having to do it all in my little cube in the sky for a while ha

Anyhow, and yes this is late considering the event is now over...but....bite me!
This outfit was Flecha's gacha at the 30L Midwinter Fair

Also i've bought myself the Maitreya Lara mesh body.
Y'know for those times when the slink legs are just too wiggly for your outfit
(yeh you know what i mean)

Body, Hands, Feet - Maitreya - Lara
Skin - Glam Affair - Sia Fairy Tales in Jamaica 08 @ C88
Hair - Spellbound - Warrior in Natural Selection

Top,Skirt, Pauldrons - Flecha - Odin Fur/Gacha Rare

Feather Head, Neck, Ear bones - Una - Part of Misae outfit
Circlet - Keystone - Bru'ella/Gacha Common
Bracers - PFC - Dragon Slayer/Gacha Commons
Finger Claw - DRD - Dark Iron Fingerclaws
Belly Piercing - FDD - Jassin/Gacha Common
Leg Dagger - The Forge - Leg Dagger/Gacha Common

Eye Makeup - Tabou Irresistible - Dirty Eyes
Forehead - Arise - Arrow Tattoo

Weapon - dM! - Norath, Radiant Polearm/Gacha Common

Pose - Label Motion

Je suis Charlie


Here with me

Body, Hands, Feet - Slink - Physique, Casual, High
Skin - Glam Affair - Sia II 02 in Jamaica @ Uber
Hair - Epoque - Follower in Organics @ TFC

Top, Jacket & Skirt - Birdy [Foxes] - City Lights in Cream @ Uber
 Shoes - Reign - Glitter Pumps in Gold

Earings - Pure Poison - Tiger Earings (sent free when you tp in)
Rings - Enfant Terrible - Vintage Girl Rings in Gold

Poses - Label Motion


Geek Chic

Quicky post <3

Body, Hands, Feet - Slink - Physique, Casual, High
Skin - Glam Affair - Miko 01 in Jamaica @ Kawaii Project
Hair - Epoque - Follower in Organics @ TFC

Jumpsuit - Fishy Strawberry - Geek Chic in Black @ Geeks 'n' Nerds
Shoes - ieQED - Full Control Platforms @ Geeks 'n' Nerds

Earings - DRD - Post Apocalyptic Nerd Earings
Glasses - Razorblade Jacket - Carbon Fibre Glasses
Rings - UtopiaH - My Captive Rings in Black
Eye Makeup - Dead Carrot - Mon Smokey (Can't find Store)

Poses - Label Motion

Winter Wanderer

Diggin my look today!
I know this May's Soul outfit has been blogged to death already by now, but i couldn't resist.
It's sooo pretty!

And i am totally in love with these new skins from Glam Affair!
They are available at The Kawaii Project and they are all stunning

Body, Hands, Feet - Slink - Physique, Casual, Mid
Skin - Glam Affair - Miko 01 in Jamaica @ Kawaii Project
Hair - D!va - Tina Type B in Brown Diamond
Eyes - Ikon - Ardent Eyes in Pewter
Lashes - Redgrave - Luscious

Skirt - May's Soul - Harvest Moon Fur Skirt in Black@ Secret Affair
Armor Bra - May's Soul - Harvest Moon Top/Gacha Rare @ Secret Affair
Fur  - May's Soul - Harvest Moon Fur White/Gacha Common @ Secret Affair
Bracelets - May's Soul - Harvest Moon Bracelets in Silver/Gacha Common @ Secret Affair
Horns - May's Soul - Harvest Moon Horns in White/Gacha Common @ Secret Affair
Necklace & Pauldrons - Enfant Terrible - Decor Armor in Silver
Rings - Enfant Terrible - Vintage Girl Rings in Silver
Other Stuffs
Tattoo - Kharma - Mhendi Tattoo @ Victims of Ink
Nail Appliers - Nailed It - Kittycats Fur Set (Free GG)
Poses - Label Motion - Daenerys

Setting of the Sun

Quicky post today mainly to show you this pose gacha from one of my fave stores!
The gacha is at The Xiasumi School Festival and the store is Bauhaus Movement.
If you like your poses, you'll love this store!

The outfit is May's Soul, from Fantasy Gacha Carnival

and the Hair....yes i can't take this hair off....Ploom <3

Body, Hands, Feet - Slink - Physique, Gesture, Mid
Skin - Glam Affair - Cassia in Jamaica
Hair - Ploom - Mystic V2 in Reds @ FGC
Eyes - Ikon -Spectral Eyes in Leonine
Ears - The Skinnery - Elongated Puki Ears

Dress & Sleeves - May's Soul - Arcana Dress & Sleeves/Gacha Rares @ FGC
Headdress - UtopiaH - Hera Jagged Crown in Gold
Ear Jewelry - Aisling - Yrs C/Gacha Common
Rings - Aisling - Sadhana Ringset B/Gacha Common

Left Pose - Label Motion - Special Set #1 @ TDR
Right Pose - Bauhaus Movement - Leaves & Bokeh #1/Gacha Common @ Xiasumi
(Leaves & Bokeh #3 prop used in left pic with Label Motion pose)

Skybox - Spellbound - Atrium Skybox
Birds and Nest Chair - anc - Cocktailbird/Gacha Commons @ FGC


Apologies for being a bit absent lately!
Soo many games....sooo little time hehe

Today i'm showing you my fave outfit from this round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival,
Alchemy's Magi.

Oh and i have to mention that Pure Poison are in the process of renovating the store.
So, if like me you've been looking for some shoes from a past event...chances are they are there now!
Was about to IM Shaleene about these boots cause i needed them in silver to finish this outfit...then, as if by magic...they were there!  \o/

Body, Hands, Feet - Slink - Physique, Gesture, Mid
Skin - Glam Affair - Cassia in Silver (Past Project Limited, no longer available)
Hair - Ploom - Mystic V2 in Monotone @ FGC
Eyes - Ikon - Hope Eyes in Denim

Skirt & Top - Alchemy - The Magi in Ice/Gacha Common @ FGC
Shoulders & Collar - Alchemy - The Magi in Ice/Gacha Common @ FGC
Boots - Pure Poison - Goddess Sandals in Silver (Past C88, now in store)
Headdress - Aisling - Sumiana Crown in Silver
Ear Jewelry - Aisling - Yrs E/Gacha Common (Past Tales of Fantasy, now in store)
Bracelets & Rings - Tia - Gypsy Moon/Gacha Commons (Past Gathering, now in store)

Eyeliner - Mynerva - Eyeliner & Shadow in Silver
Face Tattoo - Arise - Arrow Tattoo tintable @ THF

Come play with me

I love this time of year, everything that's released is just so me!
All the awesome Halloween themed events.....i'm so broke

So yesterday i headed over to The Halloween Fair and picked up this awesome hair.
Not a store i'd heard of before but i'll definitely be going to check out their store now.
I just loooove it!

I also picked up this dress from Dollle at The Bloody Horror Fair
The Skin is one of the TAG gacha skins from The Skinnery, and i got this for with this outfit, but after seeing it i spent the rest of yesterday gathering all the others hehe
<3 them!

Body, Hands, Feet - Slink - Physique, Casual, Flat
Skin - The Skinnery - Gemma 1 in Honey/Gacha Common (TAG!)
Hair - RunAway - Kayako Hair in Essentials (THF)
Eyes - Ikon - Ascension Eyes in Sahara

Dress - dollle - Bloody Ghostly Nightgown #2 (BHF)

Eye Makeup - Tabou Irresistible - Dirty Eyes Tattoo (BHF)
Body Blood - Ama - All Over Blood Spatter
Hand Blood - Clemmm - Bloody Hands
Feet Blood - Clemmm - Bloody Feet (TnR Hunt Gift 2L)
Nail Appliers - Clemmm - Bloody Nails (part of the bloody hands pack)
Poses 1st Pic - Label Motion - Free Gift in front of Desk
Poses 2nd Pics - Label Motion - Fae Pack
Location - Screaming Woods